I have been asked several times why I have chosen August 8th to launch this website. For me, there are lots of reasons to launch at this time of year. Most traditions honor this time of year, be it Lammas or Lughnasadh in the Western world, or Chuseok in Korea and Tsukimi festivals of Japan, the first sets of harvest festivals honor the abundance and prosperity that you are able to reap from all the hard work you have done leading up to this point. So, why Lionsgate? Well, let’s talk a little bit about that.

What the heck is Lionsgate?

There are a lot of levels to the the astrological occurrence called the Lionsgate, or Lionsgate Portal. The Lionsgate opens every year on August 8th to the 12th, when the Sun is in the sign of Leo, and is primarily marked by the star Sirius moving closer to earth and aligning Orion’s belt, syncing up perfectly with the Pyramids in Giza. In ancient Egypt, the rising of Sirius happened in conjunction with the rising of the Nile River, sustaining life by providing nourishment for the land and crops. Energetically and Spiritually, the Lion’s Gate is a portal of energy helping to facilitate great shifts on all levels. In addition, Sirius is a star of legends, known for bestowing wealth, honor, devotion, passion, and creative talent. You are always creating your reality, but when the Gate is open, everything will move faster and with intensified energy.

Why launch this project on 8/8, during the Lionsgate?

In numerology the number 8 represents Life Path, Compatibility, & Destiny. It is tied directly to Karma and harvesting what you have been working towards. As the eighth number, it also symbolizes the concept of mind over matter. Vibrations supporting the ideas of achievement, leadership, organization, and ambition are all associated with the number 8. The lemniscate, also known as the infinity symbol is an 8 on its side, representing limitless power and infinite immortality. The symbol flows forever without end and continuous cycles within cycles. The number 8 is also tied directly to the double helix shape of our DNA structure So, why launch now? Well, call it covering all your bases.

What’s the bottom line here?

One of the biggest spiritual significances to this particular event, in addition to all of the extra power and energy associated with it, is that it is a time for really breaking out of the mold. It is the time for shedding the confines placed upon us by “society.” We can no longer go through life viewing it only in tunnel vision.

It is time for us to understand that we are beings of unlimited power and potential.

It is time to evolve and understand that we are a part of the planet’s ecosystem, and that our only option to change it is from the inside.

It is time to see ourselves as one people on this Earth: Brothers and Sisters, whose cultural differences are to be celebrated.

It is time to become the Guardians.

In life, in love and in spirit, keep pushing for that positive forward motion.

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When brothers agree,
no fortress is so strong as their common life.