The Guardians of Sacred Balance is a community of individuals who are committed towards a global mindset of compassion and mindfulness. We respect and recognize that as exceptional entities on this planet, we all contain a singular mix of the energies of both the divine masculine and the divine feminine. We understand that our own, individual blend of these energies constitutes our own “sacred balance.” We are forever striving to evolve as balanced partners, with the full intentions of love, strength, and consciousness of spirit, integrating and evolving beyond the negativity in our current social climate.

To paraphrase a quote from Daniel Nielsen, there is a shift taking place. The awakened entity is removing their armor, exposing their heart, and connecting to their feelings.

We firmly believe that Guardians are those “warrior” spirits who have achieved a sort of enlightenment through age, deed, or education. Warriors, by their very definition, exist in a life of constant struggle towards a resolution. As one conflict is overcome, another appears on the horizon, ready to be engaged. How can I resolve the current situation? Do I have the skills or training to address the current conflict? Discipline, challenge, control, training–these are the focus of the Warrior. But, this is also the work of the Warrior, to be acknowledged, put into practice, and eventually integrated.  

We honor and respect the Path of the Warrior. We understand that a Warrior’s battle is a personal one. While their goals may be altruistic and may often align with a higher purpose, their very existence is a fight for themselves. This line of examination does not in any way discount the hard-fought and well-earned wisdom and experience that living a Warrior lifestyle has allowed us. It is through the mindful integration of those experiences that allow us to evolve and grow into the next phase of our lives. This metamorphosis is vital. It allows those with the Warrior spirit to be able to step back and see the big picture. We can no longer afford to focus on the singular tasks of battle, because, frankly, we are losing the war. When you remove the Warrior from the immediate action of their fight, they lose their identity. They get antsy. They either give up and “get soft,” or they can potentially turn that desire for conflict, that urge to fight, inward and self-destruct. The transmutation of the Warrior must come by connecting to the Warrior’s challenges with compassion and love. To be able to release, and move on, from those challenges. To make peace with the portion of themselves that required the fight. 

The Guardian can then build upon the work they have done as a Warrior, and grow from those challenges. It is the difference between the young person on the streets trying to prove themselves, mostly to themselves, versus the returning veteran who truly understands that the battles are not with others, but with ourselves. Guardians tend to watch from afar, always ready to act when necessary, to defend what is true, what is loving, and what is good. Sometimes we are the last or only line of defense in dark situations, and it is our sacred responsibility to hold the line against those who would use fear, chaos, and imbalance against the natural order of the universe. Guardians don’t stand the wall, Guardians ARE the wall. When you remove a Guardian from the immediate action of the battle, they just become mindful, vigilant, and watchful. Cautiousness without callousness. It is strength without strain. Compassion without constraint. Just as butterflies are not simply “Caterpillar 2.0” this metamorphosis is more than just “Warrior 2.0” it is a complete integration, evolution, and ultimate transmutation of the Warrior’s mindset and, indeed, that of the archetype itself.

“If you always put limits on everything you do, physical, or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.” ~ Bruce Lee

Empathy, love, and mindfulness aren’t superpowers, everybody has them – use them.

Bear O'Dwyer • Founder | Guardians of Sacred Balance

When brothers agree,
no fortress is so strong as their common life.