Journey into Guardianship: Part 2

As I mentioned in Part 1 of this series, I have many friends and mentors of a spiritual nature whom I trust and could turn to for help in addressing issues like the ones I was having.

But before I delve deeper into that, I would like to provide a few basic definitions for those of you who may not be familiar with the topics and practices I will be covering. Some of these things might seem controversial or taboo to you, but before you dismiss this work as new-age/ woo-woo crap, I would highly recommend you familiarize yourself with some basics of quantum physics and overlay that against some of these techniques. You may find that they aren’t so much NEW-age, as they are bringing into the mainstream some of what has been known to be very ancient knowledge.

Cosmic/ Universal Energy


Energy Worker/Healer

Much like the initial exploration of my religious path, I wanted to see and experience various modalities that might be beneficial for this spiritual work. I started pulling from my previous experiences with things such as acupuncture, meditation and Reiki. I have been impressed not only with the ways in which these paths helped to heal my physical body, but also by how they worked to center my thoughts, calm my mind, and focus on the broader picture. If you haven’t yet explored any of these options yourself, I’ve found that they are a great place to begin your understanding and personal practice of working with energy for your own spiritual purpose.

Meditation and reiki have been particularly helpful in organizing my thoughts in times of chaos. I actually became practiced in Reiki through the suggestion of my wife. While dealing with her own trials she suggested that we attend Reiki classes. I found that teachings such as the five precepts, connecting the three diamonds, and the cutting energetic cords, were incredibly helpful for gaining perspective and releasing unnecessary stressors. It wasn’t difficult to understand the concepts or apply the techniques, however, I did begin to notice that I was connecting to energy in a way that was different from the rest of the class. Although I didn’t understand why this was the case at the time, I would come to learn why later, through another practice QHHT, with my sister-in-law.

As I speak of my supportive community I’m realizing that a bit of back-story may be needed. For a while now, the “Three Amigos” of my world have been my wife, her sister, and myself. We used to run a “ghost hunting” team and all of us are fairly serious about the pursuit of where “spirit” meets science. Between us, we consumed books and articles written on a wide variety of related subjects from the Higgs boson and magnetic resonance, to hypnosis therapy and biofield tuning. These relationships and the ones that have blossomed because of them, are truly what has created the foundation for continuing my pursuits in the spiritual realm.

I mention this because my sister-in-law has recently become a certified QHHT practitioner, and I have been through a couple of mind-bending sessions with her. To give you an idea of what a session is like; The practitioner guides you into a hypnotic state where you can explore past lives and gain insight into your “higher self.” As I stated, I have had some very powerful experiences while in session. It was through this work that I was able to discover some of the answers to why I was connecting with energy in a way that was different from most people. But that I will share with you in Part 3 of my journey.

For continuing scientific research, you may wish to read some of these articles:

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::Continued in Part 3::

As always, in life, in love and in spirit, keep pushing for that positive forward motion.

~ Bear