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    • JD
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      I’m so excited to see this website. As a woman who has been seriously discovering her spiritual path for almost 30 years now, It means a lot to me to see men standing up and starting the conversation of balance. I’ve worked in male dominated corporation, grown-up in a “50’s-centric” household and struggled to embrace my own feminine power for most of my life. Early childhood trauma generated a lot of dis-trust in male energy in general, but I’ve also been lucky enough to know and cherish some really amazing “stand-up” men in my time. It’s been really important to me to find those male anchors in my life, especially in my spiritual life. When a man embraces compassion and learns to lend his strength instead of abuse his power, the outcome can create such a beautiful space that all can share. Through relationships like this I’ve connected with my own divine masculine and I’ve gained the confidence to step into my divine feminine, letting the goddess within shine. In turn I now feel like I’m able to share the strength that can come from compassionate heart work to men who are just starting their path. The power of that sacred balance is very palpable to me. So, as a sister and friend in this journey I thank all of you who choose to enter, learn, share and grow in this space- because, as you rise, we rise and the world rises.
      Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

    • Sacred Guardian
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      JD, thank you so much for joining us in celebrating sacred balance.
      It is encouraging to hear a woman’s point of view on this journey. It’s nice to know that we’re getting it right.
      Thank you again.

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