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    • Sacred Guardian
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      Today my wife and I hit up the local dollar store for some household items and outside of the store was a young homeless man. A Lady coming out of the store gave him an energy drink and some doughnuts, as my wife walked into the store I asked the guy if he needed anything else, like some water (it’s been in the ninety’s everyday for the last month or so.) He said that would be great and kinda gave me his hard luck story, and instead of asking for money, he asked if I knew anyone who could give him some work to do. I talked with him for a few minutes and told him I’d be right back. I knew I was gonna help this kid out. I grabbed a package of baby wipes and a razor, some antibiotic ointment for the scabs on his arms. And as I rounded the aisle I came upon my wife, who already had some wipes, a BHPA Free water bottle, some pouches of tuna, and some crackers, none of which were on OUR shopping list. This is one of the many reasons I love my wife. All in all, we spent about $10, but we changed that Kid’s life today. I did a little research on my phone and found out that our local Salvation Army had services that could help him so along with the bag of groceries, we gave him the address and directions to the location only a few miles away. It’s amazing how a little love and kindness has the potential to turn a life around.

      Dignity Items:
      1. Nivea for Men Body Cloths (in a resealable pouch)
      2. Razor and Shaving cream
      3. BHPA Free Water bottle
      4. Kitchen towel
      5. Antibiotic ointment
      Food items:
      1. Jar of Peanut Butter
      2. Wheat crackers
      3. Mandarin orange cups
      4. A Bottle of Gatorade
      5. A Bottle of water

    • PJ Hanna
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      this is a wonderful story Bear! I usually will only provide a few bucks to strangers on the street when asked, but will go out of my way in providing food / water / etc … one time I even picked up a prostitute in Las Vegas who was being harassed by a truck load of guys with bad intentions. An hour later, and we were sharing a meal and she told me her life story and all about the world that she worked in. Was an amazing experience. And no – there was no other … activities that night between us. It was awesome … great memory for me.

    • Sacred Guardian
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      Thank you PJ,
      The world is full of amazing experiences like the one you shared, as long as we are open to stepping into and experiencing them.
      Thank you for sharing your story.

      ~ Bear

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