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      If we are to strive to achieve this balance that we’re talking about, I think it is important to understand some basic definitions. However, these terms seem harder and harder to define nowadays. So how do you define Masculine and Feminine?

      Well, it’s apparently not easy. I mean, just look at the Merriam-Webster definition of Masculine:

      1a : male:

      having qualities appropriate to or usually associated with a man

      Gee, that sure helps doesn’t it? And the one for Feminine isn’t much better:

      1a: female:

      characteristic of or appropriate or unique to women

      No wonder we feel like we have to look to Society to help us define these basic concepts, although, is that what we really want? While looking up those definitions for this post, I found one definition for masculine that read “having qualities or appearance traditionally associated with men, especially strength and aggressiveness.” So right there, we are telling the world, that to be masculine I have to be strong and aggressive, like I’m some sort of wild animal. Well, I’m not buying that. Do you know what words I never found associated with defining masculinity? Supportive, nurturing, compassion, generous, patient, loving, or any of the other hundred words I would use to describe myself. If Society has provided us with these obviously wrong definitions of ourselves, then it is up to us to change those definitions.

      One more definition that I feel is wrong, item 3b under the word, Human:

      3a : having human form or attributes

      b : representative of or susceptible to the sympathies and frailties of human nature

      • human kindness
      • human weakness

      I don’t see kindness as a “frailty” or “weakness” of being human. Kindness is a cornerstone of what it means to be human, of our human experience. Everyone by their very nature is kind, we have to learn to be cruel. I don’t know who said it, or if I made it up based on other things I’ve heard, but I firmly believe that mercy is not a weakness, because only the strong can grant it.

      How do you define masculinity and femininity?

      Namsaté my Brothers,

      ~ Bear

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