When I started this project I was very focused on the “Warrior” aspect of life. GRUNT! MANLY! YES!  No. Frankly, I’ve been the warrior for a long time now, and I’m kinda sick of fighting. Now, I have no problem holding sacred space, standing guard, watching, protecting, but so help me, if you come against my tribe, I will end that fight quickly, and you will lose. Warriors generally are too focused, and often they lose sight of the bigger picture. Guardians see more, and they act only when necessary, otherwise they are just there to ensure that life happens they way it is supposed to.

I firmly believe that Guardians are those Warrior spirits who have achieved a sort of enlightenment, through age, deed, and education. However, Warriors are usually too focused on the immediate action of the battle to be able to step back and see the big picture. Guardians are often watching from afar, but always ready to act when necessary to defend what is true, loving, and good. Sometimes we are the last or only line of defense in dark situations, and it is our sacred responsibility to hold the line against those who would use fear, chaos, and imbalance against the natural order of the universe.