We make a habit of assigning traditional gender roles to certain emotions, for instance you’re being “girly” if you cry at a wedding, the birth of your child, or a Sarah McLachlan commercial. But, the truth is, that we all have male and female energies. The light and the dark, the Yin and the Yang. As above, so below. And very rarely is it ever in balance. Look at nature, at our own planet, there’s only two days in the whole year that day and night are equal. For us, it’s even less simple. Some guys have more female energy, and vice versa. Now this might be a little “woo-woo” for you, but I believe that this is caused by us having lived multiple lives and that we all have been both male and female in those lives. The Universe naturally balances us like that, and we make choices to unbalance ourselves in our lives.