So who is this “Bear” guy?

Well, good question. I'm a guy from Southern California who's been on a spiritual path for almost 30 years now. I love kids, animals, walking in the moonlight and in the rain. I'm also deadly with just about any weapon from the birth of the club to the advent of guns on the battlefield. Oh,

What are the Guardians of Sacred Balance?

Well, as this site is titled, The Guardians of Sacred Balance is a brotherhood of those who seek out and will defend the divine balance of the Universe.  Essentially, the Guardians of Sacred Balance is a Brotherhood of those who would seek out and uphold the universal balance between the Divine Masculine and the Divine

What is Sacred Balance?

We make a habit of assigning traditional gender roles to certain emotions, for instance you're being "girly" if you cry at a wedding, the birth of your child, or a Sarah McLachlan commercial. But, the truth is, that we all have male and female energies. The light and the dark, the Yin and the Yang.

What’s this about being a Guardian?

When I started this project I was very focused on the “Warrior” aspect of life. GRUNT! MANLY! YES!  No. Frankly, I’ve been the warrior for a long time now, and I’m kinda sick of fighting. Now, I have no problem holding sacred space, standing guard, watching, protecting, but so help me, if you come against

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